Don’t Forget the Olive Oil

It seems more often than not these days, every bread basket is now accompanied by a small trough of flavored, herbed olive oil.  I’m not going to get in to who prepares the best oil dip, simply because I don’t like it.  Bread and oil?  No thank you.  Something is definitely missing from this picture.  The acidity of a tomato or some sweet balsamic vinegar.  Yes, I understand that it is popular, and I guess most people seem to like it, but I do not count myself among the bread and oil crowd.

Where there should be oil and there is usually none to be found, is on the pizza.  Please dear Pizzaolo.  Don’t forget the olive oil on my pizza.  Now, “On every type of pizza?” you ask?  No.  Do not add olive oil to Greek, Chicago deep dish, or American meat lovers.  It doesn’t add value.  But, if you are creating Neopolitan, California, New York, flatbread and…dare I say…frozen, add a drizzle of oilve oil and taste.  The flavors are enhanced.  Magnified.  Elevated.  Sublime.

So enough with wasting the olive oil on the bread basket.  Save it for the pizza.


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