To Be Fair…A Perfect 30

To Be Fair…A Perfect 30

The most challenging aspect of being a pizza critic is establishing a standard upon which all pizzas may be judged fairly.  The easiest way to grade is a 100 point scale, because everyone understands a 100 point scale.  It’s very relatable, but it presents the problem of spreading points over an uneven number of categories and establishing weighted scores.  Or just simply having too many categories, which results in over analyzing and getting weighed down in minutia.  100 points quickly became too many, and we discovered that a simpler point system would be more accurate.

In order to be fair to the pizzas and pizza creators that we review, here is the scoring breakdown. All pizza is judged equally.  Each pizza is be judged within it’s own category; Neapolitan, California, Chicago, etc. For example, it is expected that a Chicago style pizza will have a different crust than a New York style pizza.  The two will not be compared to one another.

We have come up with a 30 point system.  There are six subsections worth 5 points each.  thumbnail_7113


All criteria are worth 1 point unless otherwise noted.


  • Frame
  • Structure
  • Chew
  • Flavor
  • Cornmeal (None=1 POINT)


  • Quantity
  • Taste
  • Acidity
  • Distribution
  • Consistency


  • Quantity
  • Freshness
  • Oil
  • Balance


  • Undercrust- 2 points
  • Uppercrust- 2 points
  • Toppings 1 points


  • Aroma
  • Ambiance
  • Comfort
  • Service
  • Love

OVERALL- Yes = 1 point, No = 0 points

  • Did you get what you ordered?
  • Is it worth the price?
  • Is it what it claims to be?
  • Would you come back?
  • Can you taste the love?

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